Camping In Lompoul Desert At Camp du Desert

Camping In Lompoul Desert At Camp du Desert

Camping In Lompoul Desert At Camp du Desert

Camping In Lompoul Desert

Not far from the capital city of Dakar, a small dessert stretches a short way along the coastline. With its strikingly orange sand dunes, Lompoul feels like a patch of the Northern desert has been transplanted into the surrounding forested area. If you are visiting Dakar and central or southern Senegal but want a taste of the desert, Lompoul can give you that without needing to travel far north. Named after the closest settlement, the village of Lompoul, the desert itself does not have residents other than its handful of camp spots for tourists.

It is possible to take a day trip from Dakar, but to get the full desert experience you should stay a night in one of the camp lodges. Camp du Desert, is one such eco-lodge situated on the dunes near the entrance of the desert. It consists of 30 accommodation units in the traditional Moorish style. The tents are made from camel wool and cotton and are each fitted with a double bed. Each unit does have its own bathroom attached, but the facilities are basic. The traditional tents are charming and comfortable enough, but if you prefer luxury accommodation this experience may not be for you.

But if you are there for the experience of camping under the stars and feeling the beauty of the desert, you will not be disappointed. Because it is an eco-lodge, Camp du Desert is illuminated only by the stars and a few lanterns here and there. The experience of dining under moonlight and watching the stars in the deep desert sky is simply incredible. Not to mention the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises that make the dunes gleam all the more orange.

To make the most of the breathtaking sunset, you can join one of the activities on offer, such as camel rides or hiking. You can even take a trip to the beach as the camp is only 4km away from the coast. If you like, you can even take your dinner as a picnic on the beach, watching the sunset and surf.

Things To Note:

  • Lompoul desert is accessible only by a Jeep or 4×4. If you do not happen to be road tripping in your own off-road vehicle, you must arrange with the camp lodge to fetch you from Lompoul village.
  • There is very little artificial light at the camp and the sun sets early. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a torch with you.
  • Once at the camp you will not leave it much except for excursions such as camel rides. There are no shops or other restaurants nearby besides the camp’s own. As you are in the desert, landmarks are minimal to non-existent, so do not wander far from camp.
  • Breakfast is complementary, but for dinner it is necessary to order in advance from the restaurant since supplies are organized only on customers’ request.
  • The lodge offers festive after-dinner campfire parties complete with local dancers, but only in the high season during the middle of the year. If there’s wi-Fi you can access the apuestas deportivas Chile offers for more entertainment.
  • Insects are very prevalent, so do not forget insect repellant.
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