The Sights You Must See In Dakar

The sights you must see in Dakar

What To See In Dakar

The capital city of Senegal, which is Dakar, is the westernmost city in Africa. It extends out from the continent on the Cap-Vert Peninsula and Dakar is almost entirely enclosed by the Atlantic. This African city was a former colonial trading post and has evolved into a thriving modern city. It is filled with an envious range of landmarks, attractions and cultural sites which are sure to keep travellers occupied for days on end.

Here are some of the highlights that need to be on your trip’s itinerary.

Musée Théodore Monod

The is one of Senegal’s best museums and also its best-kept secrets. Exhibitions at Musée Théodore Monod dig deep into African art and culture and have over 9000 objects on display.

Animated displays of masks and traditional dress from all over the region (including Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Benin and Nigeria) provide an excellent overview of styles without barraging you with more than you can take in.

In addition, you can see beautiful fabrics and carvings, drums, musical instruments and agricultural tools. The gallery which is behind the main building frequently houses contemporary art exhibitions.

Ferret Put Bargains In A Local Market

As we said before, Dakar has been a major trading post for centuries and this mercantile nature has certainly left its indelible mark. Today, there are markets of all shapes and sizes that are splayed across the city. These sell everything from hibiscus and baobab trees to football shirts as well as sandals.

Having said this, a few specialist markets have emerged. These serve as city-wide nuclei for the products that they sell:

  • Marché HLM, for instance, is favoured by Senegal’s tailors as the hub for fabrics (ideal if you want to have a suit or dress made-up).
  • Marché Kermel, which is housed within a kiln-shaped hall, is the go-to for groceries (although, frequently with tourist prices).
  • Soumbédioune is a dedicated craft market (and the best place for well-made souvenirs and leather goods).

If you’re feeling quite brave, take on Marché Sandanga. This is Dakar’s oldest and largest market, where you will almost certainly end up buying something which you never knew you wanted.

Mosque Of The Divinity

Designed by architect Cheikh Ngom, the Divinity Mosque is a splendid religious structure which is characterised by two towering minarets that offer unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean. From the time that the mosque was unveiled, it’s become both an important Muslim pilgrimage site as well as a breath-taking point of interest for curious travellers alike.

The mosque is a must-see attraction in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, not just for its sheer size and the panorama it provides, but as a unique architectural monument that mixes aspects of modernism with traditional Islamic design aspects. From the top of the nearby cliffs, the view gazing out over the mosque, which is backdropped by the ocean, is picture-perfect.

Bantyii Dibiterie

Bantyii is one of the most-loved dibiteries in Dakar. Dibi is Dakar’s best street food and can be enjoyed anywhere while you play the bingo Canada offers online. This dish simply consists of marinated chunks of meat (normally from sheep but also including chicken and beef) that are skewered and cooked up over charcoal on basic metal grills. It is served with baguettes, onions, and mustard.

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