Three Great Reasons To Visit Senegal

Three Great Reasons To Visit Senegal

Three Great Reasons To Visit Senegal

3 Reasons To Go To Senegal

You might not think of Senegal as the typical tourist destination. In fact, you might not even know where Senegal is. But we’re here to tell you about one of the most beautiful coastal countries in Africa. A stone’s throw from the famously beautiful Cape Verde Islands, this Sahelian nation is an undiscovered paradise of golden beaches and rich cultural history, perfect for any traveller in search of a new place to fall in love with.

The perfect destination for both French and English speakers, you’ll be enraptured by the cultures, cuisines, and histories of this diverse yet thriving nation.

If you need any more convincing to make Senegal your next destination, let’s look at five reasons to visit this country of intrigue and wonder.

It’s Safe

 Known to be one of the safest destinations for foreign tourists in Africa, even petty crime is uncommon. While extremely underpopulated areas should be avoided at night if you’re going solo, there’s significantly little risk of falling victim to crime. Keep your common sense about you and the worst thing that’s likely to happen is being pickpocketed.

The locals here are friendly, inviting and understand the role that tourism plays in creating jobs and generating income in their communities. By travelling in Senegal, you’re playing a vital role in sustaining vibrant communities, all just by being there and enjoying the sea and the sun.

It’s Got Word-Class Waves

 As captured in the 2017 surf film Beyond: An African Surf Documentary, the waves near Dakar are only recently being recognised for what they are: world-class breaks that every surfer needs to ride. If you don’t surf yet, be sure to head down to Plage De Virage and pick up some lessons with a local instructor.

Embracing the meditative mindset of riding waves is a beautiful thing to do in any country but watching the sunset turning the old buildings of Dakar pink and gold as you sit out just beyond the break is a life-changing experience.

The Wildlife

 You don’t need to go to Sub-Saharan Africa to see the big five in their natural habitat. In fact, a mere five-hour flight from Paris will land you in a country filled with a rich and diverse natural heritage. The Cap Vert-Thies region of Senegal offers a glimpse of animals such as Giraffes, Lions and Zebra.

All of this is only a few hours away from the coastline where you can snorkel in calm, shallow waters. Here you’ll see shoals of glittering fish, rays, and turtles. For a day of snorkelling (or Scuba diving if you have your licence), head to the beaches both north and south of Dakar where natural inlets and shallow seas allow for these types of habitats.

There are, of course, many more reasons to visit this beautiful country and it’s a great place to relax and enjoy at offers too. But between the wildlife surf and local cuisines, you’ll have enough activities to fill several itineraries.

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