Where the Atlantic Meets The Sahel: Senegal's Top 5 Beaches

Where the Atlantic Meets The Sahel: Senegal’s Top 5 Beaches

Where the Atlantic Meets The Sahel: Senegal’s Top 5 Beaches

Saly-Portudal Beach, M’bour

Saly-Portudal is located in the beautiful Cap Vert-Thies region of Senegal. A perfect spot to tan, swim and relax, the town of M’bour also offers nightclubs and nightclubs that are frequented by both locals and intrepid explorers like yourself. The Cap Vert-Thies region is known for its glittering coastline, but inland exploration is also worthwhile. Be sure to visit one of the region’s national parks where you can see giraffes, lions, and rhinoceros.

Cap Skirring Beach, Cap Skirring

If it’s a long evening walk you’re craving, go on and deep your feet in the cooling waters of Cap Skirring Beach. The beautiful stretch of sand is lined with palm trees and as it’s a small town, it’s normally wonderfully quiet in the evening hours.

Plage de Ngor, Dakar

If you’re sticking to the city, you can’t not go and enjoy the calm, emerald waters of Plage de Ngor. It’s also the perfect spot for families as the water is particularly shallow and gentle. Once you’re there you’ll be situated directly opposite Ile de Ngor, a beautiful island off the coast of Dakar. Surprise your family by planning a day trip to the island, which is accessible via boat.

Plage Des Mamelles, Dakar

Another of Dakar’s mesmerising beaches, Plage Des Mamelles is a local’s favourite. Here you’ll find calm waters and a beautiful view out to the point of a small isthmus. As safe a spot to swim as Plage de Ngor, Plage Des Mamelles is far less frequented by tourists and so is a better option for those who like an undisturbed corner of paradise.

Plage du Virage, Dakar

Easily one of the most beautiful beaches on this list, Plage du Virage is not only the perfect spot to swim or enjoy an evening walk but is also a world-renowned surf spot. Be sure to bring along the binoculars so you can watch some of Dakar’s best surfers ride the waves when you’re not lazing in the sand playing the at https://onlinegamblingcasino.co.nz/Pokies/ on your phone.

As it’s close to the airport, this is the perfect place to catch some sun and waves before checking into your hotel for the night. It’s recommended that you go during the week as it gets rather crowded over the weekend.

So, ditch that flight to the Maldives and come and spend your summer on the beautiful Senegalese coast.

Best Beaches In Senegal

Senegal has been described as the California of Africa – and with an almost endless stream of summer days and a coastline that separates the sea from the Sahel, it’s not a poor comparison. Senegal has seen one of the most successful transitions to democracy over the past 50 years, and is a safe and welcoming destination for tourists located a mere five hour flight from Europe.

Despite its accessibility and safety, Senegal is still off the radar for most beach-going holiday makers, meaning it has miles of unspoiled, unpopulated coastline that you can enjoy to yourself or with the presence of locals. You can pitch your cape global tent and enjoy the sunny weather.  Picture miles of golden sand and small fishing boats hauling in fresh fish just waiting to be grilled over the fire. Does it sound good? Let’s look at the 5 best Senegalese beaches.

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